The Alberta Emerald Foundation (AEF) is our province's environmental good-news storytellers. We tell these good news stories to uplift, educate, and inspire our province toward meeting environmental and climate action goals

We achieve this mission through our various programming, which includes: 

  1. The Annual Emerald Awards
  2. The Emerald Documentary Series
  3. The Emerald Speaker Series
  4. The What On EARTH Can We Do Podcast
  5. Emerald Youth Grants

We use Submittable to track and facilitate our various programs. If you have any questions about the platform, please refer to the Submittable Help Center. If you have any questions about the AEF or our programs, please refer to or contact us directly.

The AEF's Emerald Youth Grant program empowers students and youth (under 25) to make their dream environmental projects a reality.

Here's how to apply:

  1. Binge-watch or listen to the Emerald Documentary Series, What On EARTH Can We Do? Podcast, or Emerald Speakers Series to help you get inspired and guide your project
  2. Apply for funding for your environmental project using this form
  3. If your application is accepted, you will be sent the first $500 to help launch your project
  4. Once your project is complete, submit a follow-up report to tell us how it went and receive the remaining $250

Please note the following eligibility requirements:

  • Projects must be completed within three months of grant approval

Before applying for a grant, please ensure that your project’s completion date will take place within three-months of your grant’s potential acceptance date

Example: You apply for a grant on November 24, 2022. Because grants are reviewed on the first business day of each month, your grant would be reviewed on December 1, 2022. If your grant is accepted, your project would need to be completed by March 1, 2023 in order to be eligible.

  • Only group projects are eligible for funding. Individuals will not be approved
  • Applicants are only eligible for one grant per granting period. There are two granting periods per year: Fall (August-December) and Spring (January–June)
  • Participants in the project, excluding group leaders, must be under 25 years old

Additionally, please note the following:

  • The AEF strives to distribute a total of 30 grants per year through the Emerald Youth Grants program.
  • Funds are distributed in two amounts: $500 upfront when your environmental project pitch is approved. The remaining $250 will be distributed once we have reviewed your final report.
  • Funds are distributed via e-transfer or direct deposit.

If you have any questions about the AEF or the Emerald Youth Grants program, please visit or email our Communication & Engagement Specialist, Sabrina Huot at

Share some info about your event with us! 

Please note that your event must be environmental in nature and Alberta-based in order to be featured on our upcoming events page.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Board of Directors with the Alberta Emerald Foundation. Before applying, please read our Board Interest Package.

If you have any questions about the enclosed information, please contact Marisa Orfei, Executive Director, at

Alberta Emerald Foundation