The Alberta Emerald Foundation recognizes and celebrates environmental achievements and stewardship in Alberta. Through showcasing excellence and innovation, the Foundation hopes to establish inspire EcoHeroes for others to follow.

We have recently updated our granting system to the one you are currently using. If you submitted a Youth Environmental Engagement Grant application on our old system before March 8 and would like to submit your follow-up report, please use the form below. If you submitted your application after March 8, please use the follow-up form attached to your original application. If you have any questions, please contact Gregory Caswell, Communications & Outreach Manager, at

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Board of Directors with the Alberta Emerald Foundation. 

Before applying, please read our Board Interest Package.

If you have any questions about the enclosed information, you may speak with Carmen Boyko, Executive Director by email or at 780-616-1556.

Welcome to the 28th Annual Emerald Awards nominations. By showcasing Alberta’s outstanding environmental achievements, we inspire others to follow their example. We thank you for your time as you complete the nomination process.

Things to consider when writing your nomination. – and –

What our judges may take into consideration when reading it.

  • The Emerald Awards recognize and celebrate environmental excellence. How has your project or initiative had a positive impact on the environment? How has it raised the bar in our province and beyond? Make sure your full story is represented in your nomination.
  • Most  sections of the nomination form have a word count limit of 100 words so be concise. Please note that bullet points are acceptable, and you are allowed to upload a supporting document to elaborate and support your 100 words. Options include a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, video, webpage, or a sound file. We recommend you do not include things that may overwhelm the judging panel. For example, photos or short videos are great, whereas a 100-page report will not likely be read. 
  • Each judge has many nominations to review, and so we suggest zeroing in on the information that will make your nomination stand out.
  • There are 12 unique award categories. Decide which of the following categories best fits your nomination: Business: Large and Small, Non-Profit: Large Association and Grassroots Organization, Education: School or Classroom and Post-Secondary, Public Education & Outreach, Government Institution, Lifetime Achievement, Emerald Challenge: Climate Change, Youth, and Shared Footprints. 
  • A maximum of three nominations per category will be chosen as finalists. Only one finalist per category will be named as the recipient. The judges do reserve the right to move a nomination to a different category if it is in the best interest of the nomination, or if it does not meet the category criteria. 
  • We require two references if you are nominating your own project, but only one reference if you are nominating someone else. A formal letter is not required, just a name and their contact information.
  • Give yourself time to create your ultimate nomination. It may take a few weeks to gather all of your information and documents. Extensions to the submission deadline will not be permitted.
  • We are here to help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at or (780) 616-1556 or (780) 905-0390.

28th Annual Emerald Awards Categories

COMMUNITY GROUP & NOT-FOR-PROFIT ASSOCIATION: Recognizing associations dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view that have demonstrated a significant commitment to the environment through their actions.

GRASSROOTS: Revenue of $750,000 or less

LARGE ORGANIZATION (Revenue of more than $750,000 or more. (Presented by Syncrude Canada Ltd.)

BUSINESS: Showcasing an organization engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities that has demonstrated a meaningful commitment to an environmentally sustainable future. 

LARGE BUSINESS: over 100 employees.  

Small Business: 100 employees or less.

EDUCATION: This category acknowledges those nominees that have raised the bar by showing leadership and creativity in educating students of all ages about environmental matters.



PUBLIC EDUCATION & OUTREACH: Recognizing organizations that educate and empower the broader public by teaching the necessary skills to make informed environmental decisions and take responsible action. (Presented by Government of Alberta)

GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION: Recognizing all levels of government whose ongoing commitment sets the example of environmental leadership and advocates sustainability as a major consideration in governance.

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Recognizing EcoHeroes who, during their lifetime, have made contributions of outstanding environmental significance. 

EMERALD CHALLENGE - CLIMATE CHANGE: Recognizing an individual or organization that is working to reduce the effects and growth of climate change through innovative actions.

YOUTH: Recognizing people, 25 years of age and under, who have made meaningful contributions and have taken positive action to improve the environmental health of their community. (Presented by Shell Canada Ltd.)

SHARED FOOTPRINT: The Shared Footprints Award recognizes those who have exemplified land and water stewardship, built shared knowledge, improved air quality, reduced land disturbances, and encouraged ecotourism. (Presented by the Alberta Real Estate Foundation)

We recently updated our granting system to the one you are currently using.

Please note: This form is only to be used by those applicants who originally submitted their Youth Environmental Engagement Grant application on our old system. If you submitted your grant on this new system, your follow-up form is available in your original grant application.

If you have any questions, please email Gregory Caswell, Communications and Outreach Manager, at

Before you get started:

  • There are two annual granting periods: August – December, and January – June. 
  • Successful applicants will receive a first cheque of (up to) $300. A second cheque of $200 will be issued once the Alberta Emerald Foundation receives a follow-up report about the project. Follow-up reports must be received within three months of the project start date.
  • Only group projects will be considered.  The project or initiative must be led by, or targeted to individuals who are aged 25 years and under.
  • Grant applications will be reviewed monthly.  Funds will be allocated to those projects that best support the goals of the Youth Environmental Engagement Grant program.
  • Grants will only be distributed to future projects, and cannot be backdated. 
  • A maximum of two grants will be issued to each school/organization per year. Applicants may submit their second proposal once their follow-up report from their first project has been received and approved by the Alberta Emerald Foundation. 
  • Youth Environmental Engagement Grant applications are distributed monthly while funds are available. Applications are reviewed in the first week of the month, and successful applicants will be updated with their status by mid-month.  

The Youth Environmental Engagement Grant categories are:

GREEN BUILDERS: For the development of new green spaces, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones. Includes community gardens, outdoor classrooms, and urban naturalization projects.

GREEN SCHOLARS: For educational experiences that result in environmental learning, inspiration, and personal/professional development. Includes presentations, experiments, field trips.

GREEN ENERGIZERS : For the initiation of renewable energy or energy conservation projects, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones.

GREEN GUARDIANS (PRESENTED BY ABCRC): For the protection and/or restoration and/or maintenance of natural habitats and areas. Also for the creation of new recycling or composting programs, or the enhancement and improvement of existing ones.

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